Dog Boarding

To us, Boarding is more simply leaving your pet. The pet must be settled into the atmosphere that is created, deal with separation anxiety and adjust to their new surroundings.

That is why we take the care to talk to you about any specific requirements for your pet, understand your pet's needs and take the time to settle your pet into their dry and spacious room with clean bed, sanitised food and water bowls and, for your pet's health, pre-clean the room with hospital grade disinfectant.

In accordance of health and safety regulations and the NSW prevention of cruelty to animals act, pets from different families are not kept together in the same enclosure. Pets from the same family have the option to choose either shared or single accommodation in accordance with the owner's consultation.

We have three sizes of kennels suited to the size of the guests:

Single 1.5m x 4m

Small Dog 1m x 3m

Jumbo 3.5m x 4.5m

Food and twice daily walks are included in the Daily Rate with food coming from the Advance range. Specific dietary requirements are able to be accommodated and we welcome your comments accordingly. Advance is a Super Premium food with a scientific approach to nutrition.

All animals are eye checked on arrival and if signs of Ticks or Fleas are noticed then a preventative treatment is to be applied at owners expense.

During off peak times dogs are bathed complimentary after 7 days however during Peak times all dogs are bathed before departure and are chaged to the account at the rate of $25-00 per animal.