Auramist Lodge was founded in 1974 as a result of a passion of the original owners to foster the well being of pets whilst their owners are otherwise occupied. This passion has been continued by Robert and his family.

Robert takes the care of pets to a new level and the family resides on the premises and takes an active role in the Port Stephens community.

Having owned and bred show dogs for over 20 years, at times numbering over 25 dogs, Robert is experienced in the care of animals at various stages of their lives.

During these years they have owned a number of pedigree cats, specifically Exotics. As such, looking after your cats is made easy at Auramist Lodge with Cat enclosures that are functional and spacious through careful planning incorporating a modular design. In addition there is a specific Day / Play area to whittle away the hours. Their feline antics are both expected and welcomed.

Having extensive experience in the care of animals, your animals are in good hands.

Robert is experienced in training pets and is able to assist you in the behaviour of your pet. In addition, Robert has also trained sled dogs and completed a Command Performance training program.

All staff working at Auramist Lodge are fully qualified in care of all animals and our senior Animal Handler has over 20 years experience working in Vets and for Animal Supply companies.

As a major exercise, an extensive Video Surveillance system has been installed to allow the advanced monitoring of pets, keeping a close eye on them at all times.

With quality food being supplied, a safe and welcoming environment and knowledgeable staff that have a genuine interest in the well-being of your pets, we would not at all be surprised if they never want to leave.

Specialty accommodation is also offered for Snakes, Rabbits, Mice, Ferrets, Birds and Guinea Pigs amongst others. Please contact us for more information.