As the Cattery at Auramist Lodge has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of your felines, there is a good chance that your animal will enjoy their stay.

We are approved by Port Stephens Council to accommodate up to 48 cats in our two Cat Houses. Each cat is provided with personal enclosure that may be two, three or four levels with plenty of space to play, sleep or climb as the case may be. The design of the individual enclosures is modular and as such we can arrange the enclosures to see or not see the other guests for the cats comfort.

Cages are cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant twice daily and Kitty Litter, being Breeders choice is changed daily.

During each day the cats are offered the opportunity to play in one of the specially designed play areas, but it has been our experience, at least some of our guests prefer to just laze the hours away in the safety and security of their own enclosures.

However, we have one regular guest who prefers to spend time in the main office area and can normally be found asleep on the top of the Computer monitor while we input details on the keyboard below.

Quality food from our list is included on the daily rate and owner supplied medication is administered without additional cost.


We have purchased 8 Deluxe enclosures for Cats and now offer two levels of Accommodation.

New enclosures are 2 m x 1m x 900 high with a safe platform of 1m sq. All enclosures have Astroturf floors and brand new fluffy beds. Scratching posts and play equipment is in each enclosure.