Day Care with a Difference

pet day care

Over the past few years we have avoided having a Daycare facility as we believed this segment had been covered by may other Businesses within the local area.

As a result of comments and questions from both existing customers and new prospective customers we have decided to offer a Daycare facility with a difference.

We have noticed the number of elderly animals and those with special needs that are not being adequately looked after. Not every animal wants to be in a shared play area, not every animal wants to be picked on because they are a little older or a little bit different.

Mass play times are suitable for many animals but not all. Some just want the peace and quiet of their own company and to find a nice sunny place to chill out.

Due to the size of Auramist Lodge we are able to offer this service utilising our existing facilities.

This service is offered throughout the year and is able to work in with customers work timings and offers increased drop off and pick up times to suit.

Daily rates are $25 per day for all dogs and $18 per day for all cats.

Vaccinations need to be sighted for your animals safety, as you would expect.

Single enclosure and peace and quiet. Safety for your pets.